Fall 2022

Est 2008



Fees Schedule

Club Team Soccer Fees

Fall Registration - due upon Registration $ 280

Oct Training fee - due 10/1 $115.00

Please Note: New Players will need a uniform for the Club Teams, Once team is formed registered players will receive a link where they can purchase it.

Club Teams Information

Club Travel Teams are an Open Registration, This means rosters are filled on a first come basis, There are no tryouts for these teams as apposed to our Select Teams teams which are tryout based teams.

Club Team players may move between Select and Club teams if they show the desire to and have the ability to do so.

Club teams will play in NYCSL League games, they will play at least 8 games in the season.

- Advanced U8 (2014) players will be offered the opportunity to play up in age on our U9 teams, this is aimed to challenge our more advanced players.

- Teams will be put together with a view to the future, We are building Teams for success and continuity offering them challenging competition as they grow and develop as players.

We are offering early registration for our Club Travel Teams, Players who register will be guaranteed a spot on a team.

How it works:

- Registered players on our Club Teams will be guaranteed a place one a team.

- Players on Clubs Teams can request to be with friends on the same team and if they are the same age we will place them on the same team.

- Should players have the desire and ability they will be offered extra games over the season with either their age select team if availible or play up with an older team.

- Teams will Train Twice a week 1 1/4 hr sessions

- Roster Spots are limited on each team. Once spots are full registration will be closed