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  Busby Select Teams U9(2012) thru U12(2009)

The Busby Pro10 Select Teams begins in the  Spring  2021 season. The Teams we are building U9(2012) thru U12(2009), our plan is to develop players to play at the highest level against challenging competition. Some teams will begin in the Spring 21 season and others will begin Fall 21.

When player completes the tryout, successful players will receive an acceptance letter, this is confirms the player has a roster spot on the team.

General information:

Our New Busby Select teams will allow our players who desire and have the ability to play for our Select Teams in League competition. We will begin Tryouts & Evaluation for these teams this  Winter 2020/21, our plan is to develop players to play at the highest level against challenging competition.

Select players may play for their local team and Our select team if their local team plays in a different league.

Accepted Select Players

Select Teams will have 2 sessions a week, They will be developed using our S.M.A.R.T Training Program.

- 1st session will be a team based session, focusing on player tactical related learning. Advanced teaching of positional play, Game related situation .

- 2nd Session is a clinic based session, These sessions are designed to focus on each players technical development, Teaching them the Fundamentals needed to execute at a high level. Areas these clinic will address, Shooting, Finishing, footskills and attacking dribbling.

Accepted players



Trials Available for Boys and Girls | U-9 (2012) through U12 (2009)

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